Student Safety


Raptor Security System

Student safety is our first priority at Bay Elementary School.  We have a new system in place to register and monitor all visitors on campus.  The Raptor system requires all visitors to be entered into the Raptor System using the visitor's driver's license.

You may ask why this is so important.  

Did you know ...

  • There are more than 750,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. Raptor software alone has flagged more than 15,000 entering schools in the last 12 years. 

  • Custody issues present schools with ongoing security concerns and information management burdens that show no sign of decreasing.

  • The FBI reports that the number of custody motivated abductions increased by more than five times between October 2010 and June 2013.  

The Raptor System allows us to ...

  • Quickly determine if a visitor is a student’s authorized guardian or approved person for pick up.

  • Be alerted if there are court ordered custody restrictions

  • Know if an individual is a registered sex offender—or even if they are who they say they are

YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY COMES FIRST!  So, please bring your driver's license when you visit the school and support the Raptor System for Safety!

Please remember to KEEP the front office and your student's teacher current of any changes with:

  • Emergency contact phone numbers; 

  • Home address; 

  • Approved persons for pick up;

  • Custody orders

  • Restraining orders

  • Health concerns

  • Home changes that may help us support your child