Meet our newest Bay Barracudas!

Mrs. Perk’s First Grade class received an A+ for hatching 100% of their eggs and now their classroom is home to 25 of the most ADORABLE chicks you have ever seen!  Students began incubating the eggs on April 1st and through monitoring humidity, temperature, candling, and egg turning, hatched and named their new classmates.  Candling early in the 3-week hatching process allowed students to follow the chicks’ development and see them move as they grew – a way to actually count their chicks before they hatched. 

The chicks hatched after 21 days and have generated a great deal of fun and curiosity from our entire student body.  Each class has been invited to sit with them and be introduced to the chicks.  (Fourth grade is pictured with them below).

On Friday, May 3rd, the 25 chicks went to their new homes with a Bay Elementary family.

"Meet Darth Vader!" Yes, each chick has a name!

Please meet: Sunny (the only yellow chick with black dots), King Kong (the biggest chick), Nugget, June, Darth Vader, Bacon, Dixie, Honey, Violet (the only grey chick), Stellaluna, Buttercup, Daisy, Levi, Lilly, Hazel, Batman, Chrysanthemum, Moana, Pascale, Ester, Maui, Jordan, Eclipse, April and Ebony!

Video Links!

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21-day Hatching Journal

Mrs. Perk's Class Introduces Each Chick!

Egg being "candled" to see growing chick.   Eggs beginning to hatch.