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STEM @ Bay Elementary School!

   STEM Problem Solving

The STEM program at Bay Elementary School is currently working to prepare all our elementary students to:

  • Think critically and evaluate websites, email, and other content online.
  • Protect themselves from online threats, including bullying and scams.
  • Get smart about sharing: what, when, how, and with whom.
  • Be kind and respectful toward other people online, including respecting their privacy.
  • Ask for help with tricky situations from a parent or other trusted adult.

Throughout the school year, students will work lead by the program "Be Internet Awesome," a multifaceted program designed to teach kids the skills they need to be safe and smart online. Developed by Google in partnership with educators, researchers, and online-safety experts at, Be Internet Awesome provides fun, age-appropriate learning experiences built around five foundational lessons:

  • Share with Care
  • It's Cool to Be Kind
  • Don't Fall for Fake
  • When in Doubt, Talk it Out
  • Secure Your Secrets

To learn more about the big things happening in the STEM program at Bay Elementary visit the website: