The Walton County School Board recognized the Walton County Presidential Scholar Nominees in the areas of Academics and Career Technical Education at the November 2, 2021, school board meeting.

The Commission on Presidential Scholars accepted nominations from counties across the state of Florida for the 2021-22 cycle of its Presidential Scholars Program. The mission of this program, established in 1964, is to recognize and honor superior high school seniors. Students are selected on the basis of outstanding scholarship in one of two categories:

1) Students are nominated for the academic component based on SAT/ACT scores.

2) Students nominated for the Career and Technical Education (CTE) component are students who demonstrate excellence in career and technical education.

Mr. Weston Corbin from Walton High School was recognized as the Academic Scholar Nominee for Walton County and Miss. Alyssa Sutton from South Walton High School's Magnet Innovations Center/STEAM School was recognized as the Career Technical Education Scholar Nominee for Walton County.  These two students will have the honor of being evaluated at the state level for a chance to be named as one of Florida's Presidential Scholars.  Up to 20 state nominees, 10 male and 10 female, will be chosen for the academic portion. Up to five state nominees will be chosen for the CTE portion. The state nominees will be invited to apply in mid-to-late January 2022 for the national program.

In addition to the above named Walton County nominees, congratulations to all school nominees especially to Haylee Hayes from Paxton School and Sophia Bock from South Walton High School who were selected, respectively, as the second and third Academic Scholars for Walton County.  Also, congratulations go to Emily Casey from Walton High School and Alexandria Grau from Freeport High School who were selected, respectively, as the second and third Career Technical Education Scholars for Walton County.


Additional information about the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program and the Commission on Presidential Scholars is available at