Attendance Is Important & It’s the Law

Many research studies have been done over the years by many institutions on the importance of regular school attendance and the impact it has on a child’s life.  Truancy Laws are based on these studies because of the impact regular school attendance has on a child’s life and to ensure children are supported by parents and school personnel for regular school attendance.  So why is regular school attendance important and just what does the research say?  (Following data provided by the Florida Department of Education)
Students who experience chronic absence in Kindergarten have:
  • Lower academic performance in FIRST Grade
  • Lower Reading & Math proficiency in THIRD grade
  • Lower achievement levels can be traced as far out as FIFTH grade from chronic   
  •       absences in Kindergarten
  • Weak social and academic skills to help the student engage in learning
Specifically, research conducted by the National Student Attendance, Engagement and Success Center in 2017 and a Rhode Island Data Hub found …
  • Kindergarten students who were chronically absent scored 20% lower in reading and math in later grades
  • Kindergarten students who were chronically absent were two times more likely to be retain in grade 3
  • Kindergarten students who were chronically absent were two times more likely to be suspended by the end of the 7th grade
  • Kindergarten students who were chronically absent  were likely to continue being chronically absent making the academic gap increase

WHY does early chronic absence impact for YEARS to come?  

 Because EVERY year establishes a foundation for the next grade level to build upon

The first semester of the 2018-19 school year shows a downward trend in attendance.  Let’s work hard second semester to change this data trend and support our children with STRONG academic foundations