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NED Character Education

The NED Program is our school-wide initiative that supports positive behavior and character development all centered around the lovable character NED.  NED is always ready to Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best. 

NED has been in our school since 2017. This school year we are focusing on encouraging words for others. 

NED Sightings Teachers and staff members will be looking for NED Sightings throughout the school year.  Classrooms will be asked to brainstorm encouraging statements which will be featured on the cafeteria bulletin board.  Plus, each week those “caught” Never giving up, Encouraging others and, Doing their best will be highlighted on the cafeteria bulletin board as well.  Be sure to check the NED Sightings when you visit your student for lunch!

NED’s Culture of Kindness Anti-bullying education will be led by our Guidance Counselor, Ms. Warren, in the classrooms during the school year.  An example of this education is to encourage ways a student can support another with kindness and compassion when faced with a bullied situation:

1. Be a Buddy - Show the target of bullying that they have a friend.

2. Interrupt - Offer a distraction that interrupts the moment of bullying.

3. Speak out - Say something that communicates that bullying is not welcome.

4. Tell Someone - Whether it’s during the bullying or after it, tell an adult.

NED visits our school each year!  Students and staff get excited about this engaging assembly which helps set the tone of kindness for the entire school year. Visit for more information like parent resources.