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Bay Elementary School has scored among the highest in Walton County and the state of Forida for many years.  High standards, rigorous content and quality instruction is a priority to ensure student learning.  


Children "learn to read" in Kindergarten through Grade 2 and "read to learn" from Grade 3 on.  Establishing a strong reading foundation is important in all grades.  Bay Elementary School uses multiple instructional resources inlcuding ReadyGen and all resources align with Florida's Academic Standards.  A minimum of 150 minutes of reading instruction is provided during the school day.

Parents play a major role in helping students excel in school.  Please encourage your children to read, read, read! Help them develop a love for reading by taking them to the county library, book stores, reading every night for at least 20 minutes, reading to them and with them.  Let them see you reading a book for pleasure!  All of these things send the message that reading is important.


Math instruction begins right away in Kindergarten with students applying algebraic thinking as early as first grade.  Bay Elementary School uses multiple instructional resources including Eureka Math.  All instructional resources align with Florida's Academic Standards.  A minimum of 60 minutes of math instruction is provided during the day.


Science and Social Studies is integrated throughout the school day and aligns with Florida's Academic Standards. 


Students are provided Physical Education classes three days weekly and provided a 20 minute recess to ensure children are active.


All students at Bay Elementary School are provided with art and music instruction throughout the school year.  These courses align with Florida's Academic Standards and is a favorite part of most student's days.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Bay Elementary School is working to become a STEM Certified school which provides on-going STEM education integrated throughout the school.  Students in Grades 2-4 are provided STEM classes as part of their special class rotation that include Digital Citizenship instruction, Keyboarding, Project Lead the Way, Robotics, and Coding.  Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 are provided STEM enrichment in the classroom setting.


Bay's Media Center is open daily 7:15-7:45 for students to check books in and out.  In addition to this "before school" time, classes have a scheduled time to visit the Media Center weekly to increase reading for our students.  Though a scheduled time is provided for all, the Media Center has an "open door" policy to ensure students always have acces to books for reading.

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