Jump Rope for Heart &

Popsicles with Pop

Get your heart start pumping and join in the jumping!

The following classes will be participating in Jump Rope for Heart on the following days during their PE time.

Tuesday February 20- 10:00- 4th Grade- Goldstein & Tidwell 

                                    11:00- 3rd Grade- Tomblin, Sasser, & Rentz

                                    12:55- 2nd Grade- Adams, Hawkins & Flowers

Wednesday February 21- 11:00- 3rd Grade- Lawson

Thursday February 22- 10:00- 4th Grade- Martin, Hackney, 

                                   12:55- 2nd Grade- Conoway, Palmer, Graber

Be sure to cool off with some cool dads and enjoy some Popsicles with Pop

after this special Jump Rope For Heart event! See you there!